Our Offered Services

Vacuum Dewatering System (Tremix)

For construction of Roads, Runways, Podium Basement car park area, Factory Flooring, etc. with latest and modern technology called VACUUM DEWATERING SYSTEM.

The key to the use of this method is the dewatering of concrete by vacuum process. Surplus water from the concrete is removed immediately after placing and vibration, reducing the water : cement ratio to an optimum level. Therefore, adopting the TREMIX method facilitates use of concrete with better workability than what is normally possible

The system is supported by modern machinery such as concrete mixer, Double Beam Screed Vibrator, Needle vibrator, Vacuum Pump, Power floater and Power Trowel.

Designer Concrete (Stamp Concrete)

Designer concrete is a system of adding colour hardener, pattern and texture to a plain concrete slab at the time of pouring. Any imaginable look or texture can be achieved using designer concrete.

Many different realistic effects like that of wood, random stone, cobble and brick can be created with Stamp concrete.

Stamp concrete can be used in residential commercial areas such as Car Park, Ramp, Parking Lots, Pedestrian Walkways, Podium, Drive Ways, Pool Surround, Path Ways, etc.

Epoxy & P.U polyurethane Flooring

We offer a wide range of epoxy & PU flooring that finds application in pharmaceuticals, food-processing, electrical and electronics, textiles, light & heavy engineering, aerospace, automobile and auto-ancillaries, healthcare and hospitality industries and alike. Epoxy/PU floorings that were once in the exclusive domain of pharmaceuticals have now become ubiquitous in all the industries mentioned above.

The uniqueness of epoxy/PU flooring lie in their ability to offer the following advantages

  • 1. Hygienic/anti-bacterial (Seamless, joint-less)
  • 2. Clean ability of floor
  • 3. Resistance to Wear.
  • 4. Chemical Resistance.
  • 5. Resistance from Impact and Static Loading.